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User experiences that drive adoption

A well used digital workplace is the key to success, and Omnia will help you achieve your needs. It’s intuitive, personalised and task-orientated experience will drive adoption and give users the performance they need. Omnia offers world class performance with a great look and feel across all screens.

Work from any location

Omnia offers you a stylish digital workplace on all devices. Whether you are on the move with mobile, or from the comfort of your home office with a desktop or tablet. Omnia has fully responsive page layouts with device specific settings to simplify and fine tune navigation and creation.

Omnia is shipped with a mobile app for Android and iOS. This further strengthens the mobile concept, and the ability to work from anywhere, anytime.

Omnia Screen Shot
Omnia ScreenShot

Personalised and actionable

It’s important for the digital workplace to provide an easy to use experience that is task-oriented and personalised. Omnia allows users to see what is new, what is relevant and what to act on.

With enhanced targeting, subscription features and the ability to notifiy users on tasks and events, Omnia is the platform that delivers.

Enhanced search and navigation

Omnia provides a set of powerful tools to customise the way you want to navigate your workspace. You can set up navigation globally for a simple common solution, or choose a variety of portals, each with localised structures. Either way, you have full control over how you manage navigation. Over time you can make sure you provide the best navigational user experience solution.

On top of that, Omnia comes with a user-friendly search experience that’s easy to implement your customisations.

Easy to learn, easy to use

Omnia comes with a concept to create and publish tutorials and tooltips in the solution, making it possible to provide user guides when introducing new features, content or applications.

This can help you make the digital workplace as easy to learn and use as when downloading an app to your mobile phone.

The need for speed

A couple of years ago, the most common feedback from intranet end-users was that they can’t find what they are looking for. Today, an equally frequent comment is that the solution is too slow. Omnia can help you provide a digital workplace with world class performance.

The average loading time for a web page in an Omnia based intranet is 295 ms.

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