Intranet Choice Europe 2021 Omnia Award

Exciting Announcement: Omnia is awarded Intranet Choice – Europe for 2021

Adepteq are excited to share that ClearBox Consulting has today announced their Intranet Choices for 2021 and Omnia has been awarded Intranet Choice Europe. 

Since 2016 UK based ClearBox Consulting has published a comprehensive report on intranet in a box-products for SharePoint and Microsoft 365. In 2020 they also released a similar report for independent intranet in a box-products. The purpose of both reports is to help workplace leaders, intranet managers, and IT professionals understand the market and match products to priority requirements. These reports are useful as they allow users to keep up with the growing demands and technology changes. 

Over 70 products are covered within the reviews and today ClearBox Consulting has announced their Intranet Choices for 2021. The choices are a selection of products that the UK-based company feels are strong candidates for anyone’s best-fit shortlist. 

Omnia has for the fourth year in a row been awarded the badge Intranet Choice Europe. 

Anders Fagerlund, Product Offering Lead for Omnia, comments: 

– We are thrilled to receive the badge for the fourth year in a row, especially since the choices have been made between all intranet in a box-products in the market – not only the ones designed to work on the Microsoft stack. 

– Omnia got the highest possible score for User Experience which always has been a priority for us when developing the product. It was also great to see that the market-leading performance, an area that we have put a lot of effort in, was highlighted in the report. 

Johan Schedin Jigland, Product Delivery Lead for Omnia, comments: 

– During the last year, we have launched some game-changing new features that have been developed in close collaboration with some of our customers, so I would like to share the award with them. This work includes seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, a concept for mirroring intranet content to users that don’t have Microsoft 365 accounts and more, and I’m sure this has been significant for making Omnia perform well in all reviewed scenarios. 

In the review, Omnia is viewed as a capable and pleasant product that works elegantly alongside and on top of Microsoft’s applications. The review also states that “users are likely to be happy with the attractive and easy-to-use approach, while content owners will appreciate the support for creating appealing content and admins will enjoy the degree of flexibility and control that they have.” 

Adepteq chose to partner with Omnia as they continue to provide outstanding, and award winning applications for businesses using the Microsoft Cloud. If you would like to see how the Omnia Intranet in a Box solution can support and work for you, get in contact with Ian Loman ( to book a demo.