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Exciting New Omnia Releases

An exciting new update for 2021…

With the announcement of Omnia new release updates, partners and users alike are excited to know what new features and changes they may be seeing. Nearly 1 month into 2021, and Omnia have made significant updates to their existing software that promises ease and accessibility for every user.

So, what are these new updates? 

1. Omnia for Modern SharePoint updated to version 6.0

Tenant Page Types: Manage page types on Tenant level allowing global use from different profiles and publishing platforms.

Default Content in Page Types: Blocks allowing content to be edited in write mode, now have default content as options.

Media Picker: Authors will be presented with different options on how to scale images on selection.

These new updates to Omnia for Modern Share Point are briefly introduced above, if you are interested in reading the full Release 6 find out more here.

2. Omnia for Classic SharePoint updated to version 1.29.0

Follow published Controlled Documents: Users are now able to follow specific published control documents by simply clicking the Follow/Unfollow button that is available directly from the information panel.

A new addition in Followed documents: Users are able to get notified on updates by simply adding a block to the notification panel. 

Create Document Wizard Improvements: Thoughtful changes have been made to the Document Create Wizard making it more user friendly and accessible. 

A new search function:  When users access the All tab, it’s easier to find and locate relevant document types and templates.

If you want to see the extensive list of features and additions to Omnia 1.29.0 have a look here to find out more.

These new features with Omnia for Modern SharePoint updated to version 6.0 and Omnia for Classic SharePoint updated to version 1.29.0 are sure to deliver great user experiences and make this platform better than ever.

To find out more about Omnia and how it can be used to enhance your workplace goals, get in touch with an advisor and book a demo.